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Discover the beauty of Jekyll Island on two wheels. Our top-notch bicycle rental service offers a variety of styles and sizes for every adventure. Visit us and start exploring today!

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Enjoy single speed simplicity

Perfect for casual rides around the island. Our single-speed bikes are easy to handle and great for all ages.

Single Speed

Lightweight Frame

Reliable Coaster Brakes

Family-Friendly rides

Experience the ultimate in family-friendly cycling with our versatile bikes. Equipped with a baby seat carrier or a baby trailer attachment, these bikes are built to ensure a comfortable and secure ride for your little ones.

Baby Seat Carrier

Baby Trailer Attachment

Sturdy Build

Bikes for little explorers

Make your child's biking experience fun and memorable. Our kids' bikes come in various sizes and exciting colors.

Kids Bikes

Adjustable Seats

Training Wheels

Our Pricing

Helmets, baskets, and locks are included in the pricing.

Regular Bikes

Adult and Kid Single Speed Cruisers
Cruisers with Baby Seat Attachment
Trailer Attachment Alone

Regular Bike Regular Bike Regular Bike Regular Bike Regular Bike
  • 1 Hour $6.00
  • 4 Hours $14.00
  • All Day $20.00
  • 2 Days $38.00
  • 3 Days $50.00
  • 1 Week $60.00

Specialty Bikes

Adult 7 and 21 Speed Bikes
Single speed with Trailer Attachment or Tagalong
Adult or Kid Trikes

Specialty Bike Specialty Bike Specialty Bike
  • 1 Hour $9.00
  • 4 Hours $20.00
  • All Day $28.00
  • 2 Days $55.00
  • 3 Days $75.00
  • 1 Week $80.00

Surrey Family Bikes

Surrey Family Bike Surrey Family Bike
  • Small 1 Hour $20.00
  • Small 2 Hours $30.00
  • Small 3 Hours $50.00
  • Small 4 Hours $60.00
  • Large 1 Hour $30.00
  • Large 2 Hours $45.00
  • Large 3 Hours $75.00
  • Large 4 Hours $90.00

Beach Chairs

  • All Day $10.00
  • 1 Week $25.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you rent E-bikes?

Jekyll Island is governed by Jekyll Island Authority and they currently prohibit the rentals of any e-bikes on the island.

Is there a weight limit for the kids trailer?

There's a rough weight limit of approximately 40 pounds per seat & belt of the trailer. You can fit up to two kids of 40 pounds each.

Do you have anything for dogs?

Yes. They also are limited to 40 pounds.

Are there any age restrictions for renting bikes?

Yes, riders must be at least 18 years old to rent a bike on their own. Minors must have a parent or guardian sign the rental agreement on their behalf.

What happens if the bike breaks down?

In case of a breakdown, please call us immediately. We offer roadside assistance during our operating hours.

Do you provide any accessories with the bike rentals?

Yes, all bike rentals include a lock and optional basket at no extra charge.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and cash payments at our rental location.

Are there any special safety rules or local regulations I should be aware of?

Yes, we advise all our customers to follow local biking regulations, including riding on the right side of the road and using bike lanes where available. Helmets are strongly recommended and provided for free.

Do you offer long-term rental discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts for rentals longer than a week. Please contact us for more details on long-term rates.